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Текстовые комментарии

ouranmem7 (1 нед. назад)
I'm not agains them too
gays are people too
and this anime is so freakin' hot!
(i'm a girl)

AkurokuStalker (1 нед. назад)
O...................M......... ..................G
*yaoi fan girl scream* AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! omg i toootally love you for uploading this and i toootally love junjou romantica!!! ahhhh!!! this is the awesome-est anime to ever hit the face of the earth!!!!*more fangirl squeels*

cheddars2 (4 дн. назад)
i bet i'm the only guy who watches this

DarkMousy20 (3 дн. назад)
My mom read my Yaoi Mangas and she likes it x'D

Cutie3XBaby (3 дн. назад)
OMG ur mom is super cool!!! i hope my mom dun mind i watch yaoi too..

XxFlippyisamazingxX (2 дн. назад)
..........lucky :3

madegg18 (2 дн. назад)
haha, ur moms cool,..

zerOshiChi007 (21 час. назад)
. if my mom knew, she'd probably kill me. *shivers* hahaha. U_U

zerOshiChi007 (20 час. назад)
. seriously?. O_o a friend of mine *a guy*..i always make fun of him because he hates it, sometimes i describe what sort of stuff happens in yaoi and he goes all *eew!", *that's so gross*, *change topic* and all that. he's a guy so i understand. :) i always get very funny reactions from my guy friend everytime..=_= it's very amusing.. T_T

animefweek83 (1 час назад)
one time i was watching this
and my mom walked in
and she was like
O__O " what the fuck are you watching!?!"
and i was like " uhh,, yaoi"
and she was like
oh, okaay, hurry up and eat your dinner in the kitchen


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